Fun & Downloadables

  • DIY Sensory Storytime

    DIY Sensory Storytime

    Sensory Storytime is an opportunity for kids to not have to sit still and are instead encouraged to move around and play while they listen to books being read. In some cases, different sensory stations are set up around the room giving kids the chance to keep their hands busy while staying engaged with the story.
  • 3 Fun Ways to Use Sensory Tools

    3 Fun Ways to Use Sensory Tools

    Our Pick-Up Pals are a great way for your child to work on their fine motor skills while having fun doing so! Keep reading to learn of 3 fun ways to use our ocean themed sensory tools.
  • Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

    Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

    One way to instill a respect for mother nature is to get your little one outside and start exploring. We've got the perfect Earth Day scavenger hunt printable to help as you go on your adventure. After all, the only way we can collectively take care of our planet is to learn how to appreciate the beauty and intricacies of it.
  • How to Create a Calm Down Corner

    How to Create a Calm Down Corner

    In the hustle and bustle of everyday life children can feel overwhelmed or overstimulated. When emotions run high and energy levels soar, having a designated space for calming down can be incredibly beneficial for everyone. Keep reading to get top tips on how to put together the perfect calm down corner!
  • Using Glo Pals for Emotional Regulation

    Using Glo Pals for Emotional Regulation

    Emotional regulation refers to being able to effectively and safely manage emotions in a healthy and adaptive way. Keep reading for some ways that you can support emotional regulation using strategies from a pediatric occupational therapist!
  • 5 Family Fun Spring Activities

    5 Family Fun Spring Activities

    Birds chirping, flowers blooming, the warmth of the sun β€” it’s officially spring! If you’re anything like me, you are constantly looking for easy, screen free alternatives, and boy do we have a list for you! Inspired by our 5 Original Glo Pals, there’s surely something on this list that sparks your interest.