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Wholesale Terms & Conditions

Glo Pals Opening Order: We require that your opening order be in equal quantities of each color. The minimum opening order for Glo Pals is $295, which consists of 25 4-packs (5 of each color) and 20 characters (4 of each color) as well as a POP display with LCD promotional video.

Sesame Street Opening Order: We require that your opening order be in equal quantities of each color. The minimum opening order for Sesame Street is $238, which consists of 20 4-packs (10 of Elmo and 10 of Julia) and 16 characters (8 of Elmo and 8 of Julia) as well as a Sesame Street branded POP display.

Applying For Terms: We require that you place an opening order for both lines together (Glo Pals $295 + Sesame Street $238) in order to obtain Net 30 terms. If your payment is late on a delivered order by over 45 days, terms will be revoked and we reserve the right to add 2% to your total due for every additional week past this point.

Re-Order Minimum: Once you’ve met the opening order minimums, the reorder minimum quantity is $150 and can include both lines.

Shipping: Your order will typically ship in 3-5 business days, depending on demand and availability.

Return Policy: We don't accept returns for sanitary reasons, but we will replace defective or damaged items based on our discretion. Please email us with pictures and we'll do our best to make things right!

Other terms/MAP: We enforce MAP pricing to keep sales fair. Selling on amazon.com and other third party seller websites is prohibited without prior approval from Vibe, LLC. We also require permission for selling our products outside of a retailer's approved brick and mortar location. MAP for 4 Pack Light Up Cubes is $9.99. MAP for Characters is $14.99. "Buy 3 Pals, get the 4th Pal free" is an acceptable promotion, however, this promotion may last no longer than 2 weeks and must include a minimum 4 week period between promotions, during which time MAP pricing must be reinstated. You Explicitly agree to sell and display Glo Pals as ordered. Swapping packs, Pals, or Packaging is a violation of our terms and will be subject to termination.

By placing a wholesale order through Vibe, LLC or our affiliates, you accept these terms. We're excited to have you on board!