Fun & Downloadables

  • Summer Printables!

    Summer Printables!

    Summer is finally here, Pals! Keep your kiddos busy with our new Summer Printables! From a coloring page to a summer bucket list, there's sure to be something your little one will love. Don't forget to tag us @glopals with your colorful creations!
  • 7 Days of Sensory Play

    7 Days of Sensory Play

    We did the hard work for you Pals! An ENTIRE WEEK of sensory play ideas for your little ones. Read on to get inspired and play along with us on our Instagram @glopals!
  • Sensory Play with Everyday Containers

    Sensory Play with Everyday Containers

    No sensory play table? No problem! Look no further then your kitchen cabinets to create these fun and simple sensory play activities focused on sight, sound, and touch.
  • Pippa's Color Lab

    Pippa's Color Lab

    Hiya, Pal! Pippa here; we are going to have some fun in my color lab learning about PRIMARY and SECONDARY colors with this simple experiment you can do at home with everyday materials.
  • DIY Backyard Picnic

    DIY Backyard Picnic

    When the sun is shining and it is the perfect picnic weather, look no further than your backyard! Spread out a blanket, grab a few snacks, print our our FREE picnic activity prompts and head outdoors with the kiddos for a morning or afternoon full of magical memories.
  • Mother's Day Card

    Mother's Day Card

    Our free mother's day card printable is the perfect happy for your little ones to show just how much they love & appreciate their mom!
  • 6 Ways to Make Bath Time Educational and Fun

    6 Ways to Make Bath Time Educational and Fun

    Archimedes Had His Great β€œEureka” Moment In The Tub As He Discovered The Principle Of Buoyancyβ€”You Never Know What Kind Of Breakthroughs Your Child Might Find In The Water.
  • April Showers bring May Flowers!

    April Showers bring May Flowers!

    Whether you are spending time indoors due to April showers, or out in the sunshine waiting for May’s lovely flowers - your kids will enjoy these two fun color-by-number printables!✨ Follow the number code on each to help the Pals bring color to their Springtime world! πŸ’§πŸŒΈπŸ˜
  • Number & Letter Flashcards

    Number & Letter Flashcards

    Add some fun and color to your little ones learning with our FREE Number and Letter flash cards (download at end)!βœ¨πŸ€— These cards are perfect for tiny hands, and are versatile enough for endless learning activities.
  • Creating a Simple Sensory Bin

    Creating a Simple Sensory Bin

    When creating sensory bins, I love to extend the activity by adding a fine motor tool. Encourage your little one to have fun catching the Glo Pals, pom poms, or whatever add-ins you have used!
  • Rainbow Fizzies STEAM Activity

    Rainbow Fizzies STEAM Activity

    Jump into science with this colorful twist on a classic STEAM activity! Download the Science Notebook Lab Printable, so your kiddo can start their very own experiment binder and follow along with the experiment like a Scientist.
  • Rainbow Rain

    Rainbow Rain

    A magical way for your little play expert to learn obout the weather! Create your very own rain cloud and light-up the sky