How to Create a Calm Down Corner

written by: JESSIE KOZAK

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life children can feel overwhelmed or overstimulated. When emotions run high and energy levels soar, having a designated space for calming down can be incredibly beneficial for everyone.

Thatโ€™s where a calm down corner comes into play (or should I say, rest). This special area offers a safe space where children can relax, process their emotions, and find peace when their body needs it most. Let's explore how to create a calm down corner and incorporate tools that will bring the ultimate chill vibes.


The first step in creating a calm down corner is finding the perfect spot. Ideally, it should be a quiet and secluded area of your home or classroom where children can relax without distractions. My personal favorite location is to use a corner of the room and add lots of cozy pillows and blankets to make it extra comfy and the perfect place to lounge.


Set the vibe with soft, cozy lighting and dreamy colors to create a chill space. We love using the Sensory Play Jar for this. The Sensory Play Jar is an excellent tool for promoting relaxation and self-regulation. When paired with Fun Fillers, which are filled with a combination of glitter, and other sensory accessories, it provides a mesmerizing visual experience that can help calm an overwhelmed mind. Encourage children to shake the jar gently and watch as the swirling patterns and changing colors soothe their senses. Hang up some posters such as our Calm Down Corner Printable Pack- โ€”it's like adding a sprinkle of magic to the space! ๐ŸŒˆโœจ


Fill your calm down corner with all the fun stuff: coloring books, crayons, markers, stickersโ€”anything that promotes creativity and focus! Oh, and don't forget the fidgets! They're awesome for keeping little hands busy and minds calm. Things like pop tubes, pop-itโ€™s, and stress balls are great options. We've also got this amazing breathing exercise and coloring sheet printable that helps promote staying calm, cool, and collected!


Allow children to personalize their calm down corner by adding their own special touches. Whether it's a favorite stuffed animal, book, or a family photo, incorporating items that are special can make the space feel even more comforting and inviting.

In conclusion, creating a calm down corner is a simple yet powerful way to promote emotional regulation, self-awareness, and mindfulness. By providing a dedicated space where children can retreat to when they need a moment of peace, you're empowering them with valuable tools for managing stress and navigating life's challenges with ease. It's like hitting the reset button, so children can bounce back and enjoy another awesome day of fun and play!



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