Fun & Downloadables

  • Sensory Play Jar Benefits

    Sensory Play Jar Benefits

    We are so excited about our new light-up Sensory Play Jar and all of the amazing benefits it will bring to our favorite little Pals. Let’s dive in and explore the benefits together!
  • Visual Motor Skills through Play

    Visual Motor Skills through Play

    Common skills that I work on with students include fine motor, bimanual coordination, visual motor integration, and sensory processing skills. Children learn best when these skills are embedded in play, which is why Glo Pals toys are perfect for helping children hone in on these skills! Keep reading to learn about some ways in which I as an OT have used Glo Pals tools and toys in my sessions.
  • 3 Simple Valentine's Activities

    3 Simple Valentine's Activities

    Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the day than by engaging in simple activities your little one will LOVE? These simple, Valentine-themed activities are not only entertaining but also provide so many opportunities for kids to explore different textures, sights, and create magical moments through playtime!Β 
  • Valentine's Day Printables

    Valentine's Day Printables

    Get ready for a sugar rush when you see the sweetest printables we have just for you and your favorite pals!
  • Christmas Activity Sheets

    Christmas Activity Sheets

    The holidays are right around the corner and we know preparing fun things for your little ones to do can seem almost impossible. We are here to relieve some of that stress with our FREE holiday printables!
  • Holiday Printable Gift Tags

    Holiday Printable Gift Tags

    With the holidays sneaking up on all of us, it's inevitable that your kiddos are going to want a part in the gift wrapping process. We're here to let you know we have the PERFECT printable for you! Download our DIY Holiday Gift Tags and start making merry memories + magic moments!