Product Information

All of our products undergo stringent safety testing. Our products are designed in the United States and conform to all applicable laws. Our products also conform to all certifications enforced by the consumer product safety commission. Plastic products produce are certified BPA and Phthalates free. Electronics are sealed inside of plastic and are not user accessible. Products were sized to alleviate choking concerns. Products are designed for children ages 3 and up. Glo is a patent-pending product. Glo and Glo Pals are registered trademarks of Vibe, LLC.

Please contact us for safety related questions and concerns.

Product Usage and Warnings

Please adhere to the following safety guidelines. Failure to do so could result in injury or death. Use products at your own risk. Parental supervision is required.

  • WARNING! Choking hazard. Only for children ages 3 and older. Please do not insert product into mouth.
  • WARNING! If product fails to turn off when removed from liquid, please discard.
  • Please be careful. The bottom edge of the Glo Pals have defined edges to act as a deterrent from placing the products into mouth. Because of this, and the fact that the Glo Pals sink in water, they can hurt if sat or stepped on.
  • Our products are intended to be used in tap water in household bath tubs. Do not place products in solvents, harmful liquids, or chemicals.
  • Our products must be placed in water containing ions to function properly.
  • Do not place in temperatures above 120 degrees Fahrenheit or below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Do not place in dishwasher, microwave, or other utilities that can rapidly heat or cool products.
  • Do not crush, modify, or attempt to disassemble products.
  • Do not use products if package or product tampering or damage is evident.
  • Please recycle.

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