Pick-Up Pals Benefits

written by: JESSIE KOZAK

Sensory play is so much more than a way to create magical moments, itโ€™s an amazing way to work on development through play! We are so excited about our new Pick-Up Pals Sensory Tools, designed to add even more excitement to sensory play all while incorporating so many developmental benefits! In this blog weโ€™ll take a deep dive into the benefits of the Pick-Up Pals, so get ready, a deep sea adventure awaits!


The Pick-Up Pals were designed for hands-on fun that helps sharpen fine motor skills. Add them to a sensory bin to squeeze, scoop, sift, and strain and strengthen those little hands through play.

  1. The Tiny Tongs are great for hand-eye coordination and strengthening hands for pre-writing development. Theyโ€™re also a fantastic tool to use with Glo Pals Cubes. Little ones can use the Tiny Tongs to capture the Cubes or transfer them to the Puffer Pal to strain and explore cause & effect as the water drains and the Cube turns off.

  2. Scooper Squid is a magical modular tool. It can be used as a scooper that mirrors the motion of using scissors, or separated into two scoops, one of which can be used to scoop and the other to strain. Scooper Squid is the perfect addition to your favorite sensory base and can be used in wet or dry sensory play. Practicing scooping, pouring and transferring with Scooper Squid is such a great way to develop dexterity needed for everyday tasks such as holding a pencil or buttoning your shirt.

  3. Puffer Pal is an expandable strainer and a great tool to sift through treasures! Use our new $5 Fun Fillers and a sensory base like dyed rice to create a sensory bin full of hidden trinkets. Let the Puffer Pal become your trusted Pal on an exciting journey of sensory exploration, sifting through all of the treasures in a truly engaging and hands-on way!


Pick-Up Pals are the perfect creatures for creativity! Using the tools to explore and experiment with different mediums. Tiny Tongs can pick out objects of interest, Scooper Squid supports little ones as they scoop, pour & sift, and Puffer Pals allows them to filter and explore hidden treasures. This creative thinking nurtures problem-solving skills, imagination, and critical thinking!

Adding Pick-Up Pals to your Sensory Play is so much more than just a toyโ€ฆItโ€™s a tool for supporting development! Grab your Pick-Up Pals and dive in to watch your child grow, develop, and have an absolute blast while creating magical moments along the way.

We canโ€™t wait to see all the fun ways you play with Pick-Up Pals. Be sure to tag @glopals on social media so we can share your play!


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