Top Target Sensory Favorites

written by: Amanda Haxel | @activitieswithamanda

With the Holidays just around the corner, now is the perfect time to grab some of our favorite sensory items from Target.✨

We love sensory play in our house, my boys ask me daily to “make them something.” So my go-to is using simple and readily available materials to create different sensory bins for them! I love this because you can reuse the same materials to create totally different themes. This is particularly fun to do with our Glo Pals! Below I’ll share some of our favorite items that you can find all in one spot, and fun ways to incorporate them into sensory play!

These two trays are the holy grail for me when it comes to sensory play. The first tray is actually a serving platter, but with its low price point ($13) and its ability to hold water, it is hands down my most used tray! The wooden round tray is perfect for dry play such as playdough or kinetic sand. We love to use our Pals in dry play too!

Sensory Tools can be expensive, but they don’t have to be! That’s why I want to share some of our daily use tools that are perfect for sensory play!

Below are some our favorite add-ins for sensory play. All of these can be found at your local Target usually in the craft aisles and are fairly inexpensive!

  • Poms-poms are perfect for wet and dry play, because they dry out really well and can be reused. They’re also fun to add into sensory jars or bottles, or use in color sorting and fine motor activities
  • I know a lot of people have a love-hate relationship with glitter, but I just can’t quit it. It adds an extra element of fun to all of our play we incorporate it to!

  • Food coloring is such a fun way to change up normal water play. It provides opportunities for color matching and color mixing with the Glo Pal cubes! It can also be used for STEM play too by signifying warm water and cold water.

  • Play dough is a no fail when it comes to sensory play. It is perfect for using in the wooden tray above. We love to pair play dough with our Pals and other loose parts!

  • Pipe cleaners are the perfect addition to any sensory play. They can be used for fine motor activities, as well as creating shapes and animals with the play dough. 


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