DIY Colorful Ornaments

Decorating your Christmas tree is a such a fun, family-oriented holiday tradition and it's always great to get your little ones involved as much as you can. DIY ornaments are an easy, cheap, and most importantly FUN way to do this! Keep reading to find out how we made these colorful creations!🎄😍

What you’ll need:

  • construction paper or cardstock - any color of your choosing
  • a paper shredder or scissors and lots of hands
  • clear ornaments (ones you can remove the cap off of)
  • holiday spirit, of course!✨

How it works:

Grab your cardstock or construction paper, whichever colors you'd like. Then either start shredding each color separately, or start cutting the paper into small little pieces. Paper party shred from your local dollar store also works just as well as this if you are running low on time! Once you have your shredded paper, you are then going to start stuffing this into your clear ornaments. Do as many or as few as you'd like, but the final product is so adorable, you are going to want to keep going:). Once all your ornaments are complete, it's time to decorate the tree, making merry memories and magic moments as a family!

The holiday season can be chaotic, making it hard to sit down with your little ones and do fun little crafts like these. We hope this family-oriented activity helps you create lasting memories and make more magic moments.


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