Number & Letter Flashcards

written by: Brittney Dowell

Add some fun and color to your little ones learning with our FREE Number and Letter flash cards (download at end)!āœØšŸ¤— These cards are perfect for tiny hands, and are versatile enough for endless learning activities. Print, cut, and laminate your cards for extra durability. We recommend printing on cardstock. šŸ’—

Keep reading to find some fun ways to get you started using your flash cards, but we want to see how you use them, Pals! Tag us @glopals on Instagram. šŸ¤©

Number Flashcards

Pom Pom Number Drop:

Set up multiple bowls with numbers underneath and have your little one drop pom poms according to the number by the bowl with a tool or their fingers! Some tool ideas to use include little scoopers or tongs. This is a great activity to practice those number skills as well as fine motor.

Object Hunt:

Have your kiddo pair numbers with object from around the house. For example: 2 socks, 3 blocks, 5 pom poms, etc.

Number Identification and Counting:

This is most obvious way to use our flashcards and a great way to practice essential skills! Jumple the cards up and quiz your kiddo on their number sight recognition, then let them arrange the numbers in the correct sequence. In addition to this, you can get them to verbally count out loud!

Letter Flashcards

3 Letter Words:

Write 3 letter words out on strips of paper, jumble up your letter flash cards, and have your child seek and find the appropriate letters to spell out the words! Some words to get you started: SUN, HAT, CAT, DOG, BIG, FUN

Letter Memory Game:

Jumple up the flashcards and lay them face down for a classic game of memory! For a fun extension, have a few words written down for your little one to spell out as they find the letters.

Letter Identification, Sequencing + Sounds:

A colorful and inviting way for your little one to practice what they are learning. Have your child put letters in order while singing the alphabet song, or use alongside other learning resources to facilitate letter writing and sound learning.

Download both sets of flashcards below!


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