Harriet Tubman: A Lantern Leading To Freedom

March is Women’s History Month - join the Glo Pals in celebrating some of our favorite women who made history! In this blog we are focusing on the inspirational Harriett Tubman who used light to help others reach freedom. CLICK HERE FOR DOWNLOADABLE SHEET.

Harriet was a born slave and began work when she was five-years-old. When she was thirty-years-old, she ran away to the north to escape slavery and joined the Underground Railway.

The Underground Railway was not actually a railroad, but instead a path that slaves traveled at night to escape to Canada. Harriet used a lantern to see in the night and her courage lead over 300 slaves to freedom.

Here at Glo Pals we strongly believe in taking time to learn about important women who have made history. We found this fabulous book, Harriet Tubman: Little People, Big Dreams, which our kids really enjoyed. We decided to combine reading the book with our own lantern making activity.

What you need:

  • empty container or jar with some type of handle (we got ours from Party City for $4 each)

  • water

  • Glo Pals

How to make your lantern:

Simply add some water to your container, drop in a Pal of your choice or even a few, put the lid on and see the glow!

We enjoyed using our lanterns to read the book with. There were so many inquisitive questions from the kids, with many informative discussions being prompted. Adding a hands on activity to the book really helped our younger participant stay engaged and learn more.

There was also lots of learning and fun to be had experimenting with the reflection of the Pals from the lantern!


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