Frida Kahlo: Let Your Creativity Shine!

March is Women’s History Month - join the Glo Pals in celebrating some of our favorite women who made history! We are continuing our celebration by enjoying the freedom of creativity over adversity achieved by Frida Kahlo. Click here to download the activity sheet.

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter known for her portraits. When Frida was young she had a disease called Polio that disabled her. While recovering from a tragic accident at the age of eighteen, Frida discovered her love for art and painting. She is widely considered one of Mexico’s greatest artists.

We knew our Pals would love a creative painting session so we tested out this fun watercolor activity with them. It sure was fun!

What you need:

  • watercolor paints

  • paint brushes

  • small clear cups with water in and Glo Pals added

  • watercolor paper

  • Permanent marker

How to enjoy glow painting in the dark:

As Frida Kahlo was most famous for her portraits, we decided to ask our little artist (who is 3) to draw a self-portrait using the permanent marker.

Then it was time to fill the portrait page with color using our paints.

Watercolor paints work great for this activity because your kids will love getting to wet their paint brush in a glowing cup of water! Our little artist even insisted on matching the color of the glowing water to the paint she was using.

Encourage your artist to fill their page with color. They can even experiment with mixing colors under the glow of the Pals!

Painting a portrait is always fun, but add in the extra sensory excitement of Glo Pals and you are sure to have a very exciting session creating art. Thank you Frida Kahlo for reminding us just how inspiring art can be, regardless of gender, age, and ability.



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