The Perfect Pal'entines Card

Hoping to avoid the usual candy themed cards this year? Why not print off our FREE DOWNLOADABLE PAL’ENTINES CARDS and get your kids involved with threading on their favorite Pals!

Here’s what you need…

These are super easy to put together. So easy in fact that you can even get your kids involved, no matter their age! Follow these simple steps and you’ll be all set to surprise your lil’ valentines with the gift of creative play!

Step 1: Punch some holes!

Your kids will love this part! Simply punch two holes, one above and one below, the picture of the Pal on the card. You can use a hole punch, or if you don’t have one why not just use a sharp pencil?! Our little guy thought this part was pretty cool. Of course be careful to watch out for spiking little fingers behind the paper though.

Step 2: Thread the Pal

The great thing about this stage is that even toddlers can join in! Simply use half a normal length pipe cleaner and thread it through the slit near the surface of the Glo Pal. This is a fantastic way to work on those all-important fine motor skills!

Stage 3: Attach the Pal

Your kids might need a bit of help with this part just to make sure the Pal gets attached securely. Place the Pal on top of the picture on the card and then thread the pipe cleaner through the holes you made earlier. Pipe cleaners are great for this because they are much more sturdy for kids to work with compared to string or ribbon which flaps around and unthreads easily.

Stage 4: Twist and flatten the pipe cleaner

Once you have the pipe cleaner threaded through both holes and the Pal is attached, simply twist the pipe cleaner ends and then flatten them down. If you have too much pipe cleaner left over you can always snip it off with scissors. Again, this is a great fine motor workout for little hands.

Stage 5: Share with your Favorite Pal’entines!

All that’s left to do now is hand these fun favors out to your friends. Be sure to tell them all the different fun ways you can play with the Pals! What’s better than sharing the love of play!


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