Ahoy there little Guppy

written by: Brittney Leigh Ann Dowell

Ahoy, Matey!! There's an ocean of possibilities out there, and we are calling all Pal Pioneers to dive deeper and explore the wonderful, wide world under the sea for a FIN-tastic adventure! Download the printable pack by clicking the button below, or splash into each separate printable!

Create A Creature

Let's prepare for your first deep dive, Pal! Create your very own sea creature and make scientific predictions of what you will find on your journey!

Plot the Patterns

As you navigate the high seas, you spot radar activity. Finish the pattern to plot the radar points.

Ocean Observations

Okay, skipper, you’re ready for your first dive mission! Draw the view from your submarine in this fun printable!

Crack the Code

It’s time to share your discoveries with your fellow explorers back on dry land.
Use maritime signals to communicate through code!

Layers of the Sea

Jellyfish, squids, and sea turtles, oh my! There’s so much to discover as we dive deeper! Sort the sea creatures into the correct layer of the ocean!


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