Ground Control to Space Explorer

written by: Brittney Leigh Ann Dowell

3,2,1....Blast Off! Calling all Pal Pioneers to put on their space suits and get ready to soar through our solar system for an adventure that is out-of-this-world! Download the stellar printable pack below or individual pages to begin your intergalactic investigation!

Astronaut Application

Don't forget to complete your paperwork, Pals! You will be reaching
for the stars before you can say supernova!

Navigate the Night Sky

Connect the constellations to create your very own stargazing map. Check off each constellation once you see it in the night sky!

Orbital Observations

Draw the view from your window in the Magic Mission control center!

Lunar Log

The moon is on the move and Ground Control needs you to track and record the phases of the moon!

Sort Our Solar System

Before you can soar through our solar system,you have to sort it first. Cut out the planets and place them in order from the sun.


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