Jane Goodall: Conservation & Care For Our Animals And Their Habitats

March is Women’s History Month - join the Glo Pals in celebrating some of our favorite women who made history! In this blog we are highlighting the powerful work done by Jane Goodall who dedicated her life to the welfare of chimpanzees. Click here to download the printable.

Jane Goodall is a primatologist from London, England. She spent more than 55 years studying wild chimpanzees in Africa. Jane always had a love of animals as a child so at the age of 23 she traveled to Africa to study chimpanzees close up. Jane has spent her life promoting conservation and bringing awareness to animal welfare issues.

Here at Glo Pals we truly believe in the power of hands on learning so we decided to set up a sensory bin focusing on conserving our oceans. We filled a sensory bin with water, put in some sea creatures and added some litter to the water. Of course we had to include our favorite little blue Pal, Blair. We also provided fine motor tools and two bins- a garbage bin and a recycling bin.

Our little conservation specialist got to work on clearing the ocean so that the sea creatures were safe from harmful litter. This was great for her fine motor skills and sensory confidence.

As she cleared litter from the water, we discussed what type of material is was and whether it could be recycled or needed to be thrown in the garbage bin. This also led to many detailed discussions about how we can use less garbage in our day to day life.

As the play continued, we also discussed how the materials could harm the sea creatures. This naturally led to conversations about how us humans have to take responsibility for looking after nature and its inhabitants. We spent some time researching Jane Goodall and all of the good work she did towards protecting chimpanzees in the wild.

Hands on sensory play is such a powerful way to help kids learn about more advanced concepts such as conservation. It always leads to such high levels of engagement and interest in the topic.


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