Candy Counter Sensory Play

written by: Brittney LeighAnn Dowell

Dreams really do come true! A candy counter invitation to PLAY (without the sugar rush, parents!) Such a sweet way to spend a rainy day indoors or a screen-free Saturday!

Candy Counter Supply Ideas:

  • Glo Pal light-up cubes
  • container filled with water
  • kitchen tools
  • craft foam "sprinkles"
  • water bead "berries"
  • curled pipecleaner "gummy straws"

Let's Play!

Put on a sweet music playlist and let your little one get to "work"! Our little play expert was very focused on her play! She swirled the water beads (which she insisted were blueberries, peas, and lemons) around in her candy "soup". Pouring and transferring are great fine motor skills for younger children, and the variety colors and textures of the materials keep older kids engaged in play. Endless possibilities for the imagination! Try switching out "ingredients" to find your favorites!

Tried this at home?

Tag us on social media @glopals for a chance to be featured and let us see how you play!


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