Sensory Sweet Shoppe

written by: Brittney LeighAnn Dowell

Welcome to the Sensory Sweet Shoppe, Pals - where shaving cream, glitter and pompoms become your main ingredients! Download the free printable below and get ready to PLAY!

Sweet Shoppe Supplies

Make a SWEET Mess!

We let our little play experts be the confectionary geniuses during this delicious process art activity! This is the perfect printable for siblings and pals, because it's always so fun to see how each treat is decorated differently. Laminate your printable for a wipe-clean multiple use activity! Try changing up the "toppings" for endless sweet possibilities! Be prepared for some magical memories...most likely to end with everyone wearing shaving cream beards, for sure.

Try this at home?

Tag us on social media @glopals and let us see how you play!


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