Susan B. Anthony: Fighting For Women's Rights

March is Women’s History Month - join the Glo Pals in celebrating some of our favorite women who made history! The final inspirational woman in our series is most certainly an important one. Susan B. Anthony successfully fought for women’s voting rights for many years.


Susan B. Anthony was a leading figure in the women’s voting rights movement. Anthony gave speeches around America to convince others to support the notion that women had a right to vote. In 1872 she voted illegally in the presidential election. Fourteen years after Anthony’s death, women were given the right to vote. Some of her biggest tools for reaching people were public speaking and creating posters.

In honor of our final inspirational woman this month we decided to have some fun making mini protest posters with our Pals. all you need is some card, markers, toothpicks and tape.

Work with your kids to research and discuss the types of messages which can be included on protest posters. If they are old enough, they can design the mini posters themselves. Otherwise, just exposing them to the discussions and making them yourself as you talk is also a powerful way of learning. Once the posters are designed, flip them over and use the tape to attach the card to a toothpick.

Now you will have a little group of Pals ready to express their commitment to getting equal rights for all!

Making learning hands on is a fantastic way to engage youngsters. Your kids can enjoy taping the signs to the Pals’ hands and marching them around in a protest scenario. It is a great way to highlight to them that peaceful protests are a great way to stand up for your rights.



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