Simple Halloween Sensory Tray

written by: Chloe Duffy | @chloe_duffy3

Halloween is only a couple of weeks away! It’s hard to believe this month is already half way over, and I don’t know about you, but I want to fit in as many Halloween activities that we can!

We love sensory play in our house, my daughter asks for it daily! So one of my favorite things to do is reuse and repurpose simple materials for multiple sensory trays and bins. You can take the same sensory bin components and use them multiple times with a totally different theme or look! Which is especially fun for your Glo Pals! My kids love taking ours on new adventures!

In this blog, I’ll show you how we took easy-to-find supplies and transformed them into a low prep Halloween tray!

What we used:

  • a large metal tray (could be any sort of water safe container)
  • a jack-o-lantern cake pan (found at our grocery store)
  • Halloween glitter foam balls (dollar tree)
  • plastic spiders (target)
  • skull plastic eggs (target)
  • mystery water (water+corn starch+food dye)
  • jar/bottle (I used a potion bottle from the Target dollar spot)
  • our favorite Glo Pal, Lumi!

How I set it up:

I first put our cake pan inside our large metal tray and filled them both with water. I made mystery water (which has become a new favorite of ours!) by putting a drop of food dye into the jar, filled it with water, and then added a couple spoonfuls of corn starch until the water became opaque. Ta da! Mystery water! I set that beside the water-filled tray and poured the glittery foam balls and spiders into bowls along with some tongs. I have found if you leave the sensory ingredients out by the tray it will lead to more engagement from your littles and give them more power and choice in making the setup their own! Finally, Lumi joined the party, and I took two of the clear skull eggs and filled them with water and a Glo Pal cube in each to create glowing skulls!

My kids both ran to play as soon as they saw it! My daughter poured the mystery water into the cake pan as my son tossed in foam balls to create a really neat jack-o-lantern face! There was plenty of fun mixing, pouring, and experimenting with the Glo Pal cubes in and out of the water and in the eggs, and of course pretend play with Lumi!

The clean up:

The great part about water play is you can dump the whole tray into a strainer in the sink! Dump the water, dump the sensory tray components from the strainer onto a towel, and you’re done! Now everything is ready to be reused and taken on another new adventure.

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