Sensory Play Jar Benefits

written by: JESSIE KOZAK

In a world that can sometimes feel overwhelming for little ones, providing them with simple yet engaging tools to support their well-being, creativity, and senses can help them feel supported. We are so excited about our new light-up Sensory Play Jar and all of the amazing benefits it will bring to our favorite little Pals. Let’s dive in and explore the benefits together!

sensory exploration and development

Children are naturally curious about the world around them and the Sensory Play Jar is a great tool for them to actively engage their senses all while supporting their development through play.

Utilizing the same water-activated light-up technology as our Cubes, the sensory play jar captivates their visual senses by illuminating in nine different colors, providing an engaging lesson in cause and effect. A gentle tap on the jar's lid is all it takes to witness a glo-ing transformation of colors, creating an interactive and exciting visual experience! Children can add items of various textures into the jar to engage their tactile senses and let their creativity shine in a hands-on way!

calming comfort in a jar

The gentle GLO from the Sensory Play Jar can be incredibly soothing for little ones. It’s the perfect addition to a calming corner, quiet time activity, or cozy reading session with a good book. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the glow.

creativity and imagination

The Sensory Play Jars are completely customizable. Children can use their creativity to add their favorite items into the jar. This not only encourages self-expression and creativity but also instills a sense of achievement as they witness the finished creation. Children can also let their imagination run wild by creating a themed Sensory Play Jar inspired by a place they dream of, like the beach. Shells, glitter, sea creatures, and other fun fillers can be added to transform the jar into a miniature day at the beach all within the jar.


The Sensory Play Jar is such a great tool for learning through play and fostering communication skills. A really great and engaging activity is a game of i-spy, prompting your little one to identify the various objects they see within the jar. Explore cause and effect by turning the jar upside down so your little one can witness the light turn off, then flipping it right side up so the glow of the jar turns back on. It’s a great way to captivate their curiosity and a hands-on way to explore cause and effect.

We are so excited to see the many ways you all use the Sensory Play Jar. Be sure to tag @glopals and use #glopals so we can see all of the magical ways you learn through play!


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