Northern Lights Sensory Play

written by: Brittney Dowell

Let your kiddos dream and imagine the breathtaking beauty of the Northern lights in this shimmering sensory play activity! Glo Pals illuminate glistening icebergs as iridescent sequins dance and swirl in this magical mix of wintery goodness! What are you waiting for?! Go freeze the day with this hands-on activity full of frosty fun!

fun and easy sensory play with Glo Pals

Favorite Fillers:

  • Glo pals cubes and characters (we used Blair, Pippa, and Lumi)
  • glitter
  • sequins
  • water beads
  • food coloring
  • icebergs (we used silicone molds like this one and cut recycled styrofoam to make our own molds!)
  • arctic small world creatures (we love these Learning Resourve counters!)
  • sensory small tools (droppers, spoons, scoopers)
  • variety of small bowls, cups and containers

Its hard to go wrong with this activity, Pals! Add a fun wintery mix of add-ins... anything cool-colored and shimmery (think icy). Before freezing our icebergs, we added a few drops of food coloring to some, as well as glitter and sequins.

sensory water table play for kids
fun kids activities for winter

Invitation to Play

Invite your kiddos to pour, scoop, swirl, and experience the materials! Most importantly, let your kids focus on their play and be there to facilitate when they need you. Some kids might not like how cold the bin is - have towels at the ready to dry and warm hands. Read a book, (check out some of our recommendations below!) or play some calm and cool music while they play. The important part is to have FUN! Also, don't forget to put on a pair of mittens and curl up with some cocoa afterwards...its going to be brrrrrrr-iffic!

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