4 Fun Indoor Activities

written by: jessie kozak

Keeping kids engaged and active indoors can be tricky, especially on rainy days or during long cold days. However, we’re here to show you that there are plenty of fun and exciting indoor activities that keep kids entertained all while promoting movement and learning through play! These activities are not only a blast, but they’ll also support gross motor skills, creativity, and so much more! Let’s get ready to play!

1. balloon tennis

This is a favorite at Glo Pals HQ and all that’s needed is a balloon. The objective is simple: keep the balloon in the air! Kids can use their hands or paper plates to hit the balloon back and forth. If you want to add an extra challenge, set a timer to keep score. Balloon Tennis is not only a great way to incorporate movement indoors but also enhances hand-eye coordination. It’s the perfect game to burn off some energy!


2. the floor is lava



The floor is lava is an imaginative indoor game that is SO much fun and doesn’t take long at all to set up. It encourages quick-thinking, creativity, and teamwork! All you need are some pillows or cushions. Spread them out across the room to create obstacles and announce that “the floor is lava!” and everyone must avoid touching the ground. It’s physically engaging because kids will leap from pillow to pillow and have to problem-solve to find ways to stay off the “lava”.


3. glo pals bowling

It's a STRIKE! Who can resist the FUN of a game of bowling? This fantastic DIY bowling setup utilizes recycled bottles as pins. Simply pour a splash of water into each bottle, place your Glo Pals Cubes inside, seal them up tightly, arrange them in formation, and prepare for an exciting round of indoor bowling fun that is sure to brighten up the day!


4. alphabet hide and seek

A playful twist on the classic hide and seek that adds an educational element to the fun. You can easily set it up by strategically placing Alphabet Flashcards throughout your home (download our FREE flashcards here). Then, invite your little one to embark on a scavenger hunt, searching high and low until they've successfully uncovered all 26 letters of the alphabet. It’s a great way to promote learning in an exciting way that also incorporates movement.


Next time you find yourself stuck indoors wondering what to do, give these activities a try and watch the hours go by with laughter, fun, and magical moments! We’d love to see these activities in action. Be sure to tag @glopals so we can see all the fun!


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