DIY Sensory Play Recipes

written by: Brittney Dowell & Sandra Bernardo

Hey Pals! Need a fun weekend activity to keep your kids engaged and busy? Sandra,
our Social Media Coordinator right here at Glo Pals, and Mama to a fun and
energetic toddler - helped us create these two exciting sensory play prompts as well
as recipe cards to download below! Read on to get started and PLAY!

Use any kid safe large container for the following activities. We also recommend taking these activities outside to reduce the stress and mess, Pals!

As with all of our activities, we recommend always supervising your child to ensure all our Pals stay safe!

Colorful Foam

Spread, whisk, and fluff! An unexpected activity to present to your kiddo. Watch them curiously test out the foam texture and β€œsculpt” the fluffy substance. We imagine it would be a bit like playing in a magical cloud.

Colorful Rice

Spread, scoop, pour, and transfer! Get ready to make a fun colorful mess with this one. Your kiddo will love experiencing the colors and texture of the rice - its kind of like playing on a rainbow beach…but no sand in the eyes here, pals!


Supply Ideas:

We encourage our pals to use materials they already have in their home! Here are
some fun ideas to get you started.

  • everyday kitchen items like a spatula, whisk, spoons, measuring cups, and little
  • small toys to seek and find - animal figurines, pompoms, bits and bobbles
  • recycled materials - containers with lids, cardboard tubes


Play Prompts:

  • Spark curiosity by presenting the activity without any instructions. Watch your
    child's reaction to the activity and materials. Were they cautious? Did they boldly
    dive right in?
  • Encourage language development by enthusiastically interacting, labeling
    actions, and asking questions e.g "How fun! I see you are scooping the foam with
    your hands? What does it feel like?"
  • Facilitate open-ended play by offering your child different tools and materials
    (bowls, whisk, spatula, measuring cups etc.) at different points during playtime
  • Most importantly...have fun and make a good mess with your kiddo!


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