DIY Holiday Stamps

written by: Brittney LeighAnn Dowell

Suprise your friends and family and make magic memories together creating homeade stamped giftwrap! In this festive DIY, we will show you how to create two different types of stamps - Paper Roll and Craft Foam.

Paper Roll Stamps

Start saving those empty toilet paper rolls for a great upcycling stamp that is super easy and super fun!


  • empty paper rolls
  • acrylic paint
  • plate or paint palette
  • kraft or white gift wrapping paper


Step 1

Using your fingers, pinch the toiler paper roll into your desired shape or design! We made a circle, teardrop shape (think Christmas lights!) and star shape.

Step 2

Dip your stamp into your favorite color of acrylic paint

Step 3

Firmly press stamp down onto paper, then slowly lift, pulling up from one side.

Step 4

Keep stamping to your hearts desire, Pals!

Craft Foam Stamps

Using cardboard and layers of craft foam, we made the perfect little stamp


  • recycled cardboard
  • craft foam
  • hot glue (or Elmers Glue)
  • marker
  • scissors
  • acrylic paint


Step 1

Cut 1 cardboard rectangle or square and 2 of the same size in craft foam.

Step 2

Sandwich the cardboard piece between your 2 craft foam layers. We used hot glue (adult supervision, please!) but you could also use elmers glue (there will be a bit more dry time for this method) or you could even try craft foam with a peel and stick adhesive!

Step 3

Trace your desired stamp shape onto the craft foam, then carefully cut out your shape. We made a Christmas tree!

Step 4

Glue your layered foam shape onto a cardboard base - a bit bigger then your shape. *Upcycling Tip* Add an old Glo Pal cube onto the back to make stamping easier! A great way to use those Pals that are all-glowed-out!

Step 5

Brush paint onto your stamp with your favorite color.

Step 6

Firmly press your stamp straight down onto your paper, then carefully lift up to reveal your christmas stamp! Happy crafting Pals!

We hope you had fun creating your own giftwrap, Pals! Show us how you create and wraps your gifts your style on Instagram @glopals


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