Christmas Countdown Garland

written by: Sofi Licona

Make merry memories together (and perhaps even a sweet new tradition!) as you count down the days to Christmas with this fun Christmas Countdown Garland! As you and your kiddos countdown to Christmas Day, take one of the prompts off the chain and have fun with that activity together! Download and print your free printable below!


Step 1

Print your Christmas garland printable prompts, and carefully cut along the dotted lines. Cut your colorful paper into 1.5x11 inch strips

Step 2

Glue the printed prompts onto strips of colorful paper

Step 3

Glue the paper strips together to form chain loops, putting them in the order of your choosing!

Step 4

After you piece together your garland, find the perfect location to display it! Drape around a tree or across a fireplace mantle or banister. Tear a link off everytime you complete an activity prompt, and make sure to tag us on social media @glopals so we can see all the festive fun you'll be having!


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