DIY Backyard Picnic

written by: Brittney LeighAnn Dowell

When the sun is shining and it is the perfect picnic weather, look no further than your backyard! Spread out a blanket, grab a few snacks, print our our FREE picnic activity prompts and head outdoors with the kiddos for a morning or afternoon full of magical memories.


Here are a few ideas for a low-prep magical picnic:


Simple, kid friendly snacks (fruit, veggies, popsicles, crackers, roll ups, sandwiches). Our tip is to put a few bite size snacks into a muffin tin for a quick prep and a fun way for the kiddos to sample lots of different things! But you can always keep it simple with a plate of fruit (we love watermelon slices)!


Bring out books, bubbles, playing cards, hula hoops, chalk, coloring books etc. to encourage play! Lay out on a blanket and look for pictures in the clouds, observe the tiny critters crawling around, or build tiny homes from sticks, leaves, and rocks.


Blankets, sheet tents, pillows, and favorite plushies make a cozy and inviting spot to lounge, snack, and play together!

Don't forget to print a copy of our FREE picnic inspired printable, Pals! Get the fun going with conversation starters, then go on an exciting scavenger hunt!

The important thing is to HAVE FUN! you never know...backyard picnincs may become one of your family's new magical traditions! Switch it up with different snacks and activities - especially around the holidays. Happy Picnicking, Pals!


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