Create Your Own Fairytale

written by: Brittney LeighAnn Dowell

Download your printable and get ready to write your very own fantastical adventure! Princesses and Dragons? Wizards and fairies? Become the author and playwrite of your own magical tale...It's up to you, Pal!

Create Your Magical Tale

Start by getting those creative juices flowing with the 'Write Your Own Fairytale' prompt. Sketch your character, action, and location - then fill in the rest; beginning, middle, and end; to create a masterpiece that is uniquely yours! Cut, fold, and tape your story cubes together.

Ready, Set, Roll!

It's time to roll your cubes to reveal your prompt! Alex the Adventurer helps a mysterious talking fish in the egg-chanted forest, Lumi the fairy enters a pie eating competition at the magic garden. So many extraordinary scenarios can be created...what will yours be?

So many play possibilities! Keep rolling to see how many different combinations you get. Try printing multiple cubes or create your own using the blank cube, to add extra characters, actions, and locations in the storytelling mix!

Play Prompt: 1 minute stories!

Set a timer, roll your story cubes, and try to tell/act out an impromptu story that lasts a minimum of 1 minute.

Share Your Story

Gather family and friends and host your own storytime to tell your magical tale, or act it out! Our little play experts decided they wanted to act out the story. The cardboard castle became a secret tunnel, actor and actresses were magically transformed into frogs leaping from one lily pad to the next - and Glo Pal sensory jars became a microphone for an enchanted musical number.

How did you play with the 'Write Your Own Fairytale' story cube printable? Let us know! Email and tag us on our instagram @glopals.


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