Enchanted Sensory Storytime

written & photographed by: Brittney LeighAnn Dowell

We partnered with our local children's librarian, Loraine Walker (aka Miss Rainey!) from Starkville Public Library - for an enchanted storytime photoshoot (right here at Glo Pal Headquarters) inspired by her weekly Glo Pal Sensory Storytime program featuring Glo Pals! It was a magical morning, and our little play experts were transported to a land far, far away - complete with "fairy" calm down jars, a whimsical frog pond, and a selection of fanciful stories - curated especially by Miss Rainey, of course!

What is Sensory Storytime?

During Sensory Storytime, kids are not required to sit still. Instead, movement is encouraged. Kids are invited to interact with sensory play stations while being read to. During Loraine's weekly 'Glo Pal Sensory Storytime' at the Starkville Public Library, Loraine dims down the lights and plays soft music to accommodate children who may become overstimulated in the often bright, loud, and upbeat environment during 'regular' storytimes.

Creating a World of Wonder

We played fantasy themed instrumental music for a whimsical and calm environment. Colorful streamers enveloped the walls around the room, and a cardboard castle adorned the corner - the perfect space to crawl and play! Sensory "fairy" jars were sprinkled throughout the room to create a charming atmosphere - a world of wonder!

Invitation to Play

We had so much fun setting up different sensory play stations all around the room to create a world of enchantment. Here are a few examples to inspire your very own sensory storytime at home!

Coloring Station

Your favorite fairy tales featuring your favorite Pals! Download and print this magical coloring sheet bundle, grab your favorite coloring utensils - and let your imagination run wild!

The Princess & The Frog

Blair and Pippa are on a quest to break the spell! Perhaps the frog simply just needed a friend to turn back into a prince?! Our little play experts enjoyed picking up the Blair and Pippa Glo Pal light-up cubes, placing frogs onto the craft foam lily pads and flowers, squishing water beads, and using a dropper tool to transfer water.

Royal Castle Egg Hunt

It's a royal egg hunt! Our little play expert enjoyed cracking open and filling the eggs with all his favorite Pals! Our Pal, Alex truly brightened this bin and made it so cheerful and sunny! Its always a fun suprise to see astonished faces when the eggs magically light-up with the Glo Pals inside. Colorful craft foam cut into the shape of flowers and leaves gave a touch of fanciful Springtime to this bin!

Fairy Potion with Lumi & Abby

Stars, glitter, more glitter...Lumi, Abby, and more glitter made this bin extra sparkly and well...extra! We added sensory "tools" to stir, scoop, and whisk the magical swirling potion.

Hide and Glo Seek

Set a timer, and find all your fantastic treasures! Using handy scoopers, kids had fun searching for Glo Pals, cuddly chicks, beautiful blooms, and mini eggs hidden in the crinkle paper grass!

Fairytale Reads

Loraine never ceases to amaze us; and when we asked for her curated selection of fairy tale books - she brought a mountain of incredible reads; we just have to share a few of them with you!

  • The Tossy-Turney Princess And The Pesky Pea by Susan Verde
  • Unicorn Day by Diana Murray
  • The Princess And The Pig by Jonathan Emmett
  • Would You Rather be a Princess or a Dragon? By Barney Saltzberg
  • La Princess and the Pea by Susan Middleton Elyr
  • Ten Minutes to Bed Little Mermaid by Rhiannon Fielding
  • A Unicorn Named Sparkle by Amy Young
  • Mabel A Mermaid Fable by Rowboat Watkins
  • Dog Loves Fairy Tales by Louise Yates
  • Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great by Bob Shea

We had a such a magical morning with our Pals! Do you have a sensory storytime in your hometown or would you like to learn more about it? Contact Loraine Walker Β loraine@starkville.lib.ms.us for more details! Tried this at home or have fun ideas to share with us? Email us britt@getglo and tag us on social media @glopals!


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