Black History Month: 4 Young Activists Changing the World Right Now

written by: Brittney LeighAnn Dowell

From empowering young people to take charge of their health and well being, to bold illustrations declaring social injustices - these 4 young black activists prove being young is not an excuse to help change and shape your world!

At 12, Haile Thomas founded her non-profit organization HAPPY (Healthy, Active, Positive, Purposeful, Youth) - which empowers young people in at-risk communities with free holistic wellness education and plant-based nutrition. 11 years later, Haile continues her mission as a wellness & compassion activist, writer, content creator, and international speaker - impacting the lives of more than 90,000 youth.

Dani quit her day job to build a community and business centered around compassion and learning. Dani uses her artistic voice as a digital illustrator to create work that speaks boldly about social injustice. Her beautiful illustrations and words help guide thoghtful conversations, reflections, and actions. You can learn more about Dani and experience her work for yourself on her website!

Besides being an aspiring filmmaker, philanthropist, and content creator - Anya is also the founder of non-profit 'The Next Gen Come Up' ; which encourage youth involvement in activism, organizing, community serice and visual arts. As stated on the website, "The Next Gen Come Up strives to inspire youth to be revolutionary and use art as a tool to create social impact." Creativity making an impact!

David is the inventor of The Safety Pouch: a bright orange pouch with clear plastic sleeves at the front to hold important vehicle and identification documents. The Safety Pouch easily clips onto your exterior window at traffic stops to quickly and safely to present your personal information to Police Officers, and can be clipped onto your sun visor when not in use.


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