Before the Clock Strikes Midnight

written by: Brittney LeighAnn Dowell

Learning how to tell time just got magical! Use the enchanted clock to aid your little learners as they match their clock to the fairytale cards. Then, put the fairytale cards in order - from 6:00 to midnight...and tell your tale together!

Step 1:

Download and print your Free Clock Printable, then carefully cut out your clock elements and fairytale cards along the dotted lines.

Step 2:

Adhere the long and short hand to your enchanted clock using a paper fastener.

Step 3:

Using your enchanted clock as a tactile and visual aid, let your little learners match the hands to each fairytale card, then fill the correct time into the blanks.

Step 4:

Put your fairytale story cards in order - from 6:00 to midnight; and read your story out loud!

Tried this activity at home, or sent to a teacher? Please let us know! We would love your feedback, Pal! You can email us and tag us on Instagram @glopals


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