The Inside Scoop!

written by: Brittany Myers

Have you heard our big news?! The Pals have a brand-new look and are now better than ever! We know it’s hard to even think of how your favorite Glo Pals could be better than they already are, but stay tuned – we’ve got the inside scoop on everything new for you right here. Here are 4 reasons to LOVE this Record-Breaking Refresh:

1. Extra Eco-Friendly

We’ve been busy tinkering away in the lab with Pippa to find all the ways we could help the Pals in their efforts to protect the planet. And now, the Glo Pals are excited to share that they’re more eco-friendly than ever! Our patented light-up cubes are now made from 100% recycled plastic, and our new character packaging contains 75% less plastic than before. Plus, you can still recycle or reuse your light-up cubes once they max out their lighted hours.


Learn more about how our Pals protect the planet here.

2. Expressive New Look

Have you ever wondered what kind of expressions the Pals have when they’re excited, curious or dreaming up their next playtime activity? We can tell you that we certainly have. The Pals you know and love now have a brand-new look featuring more expressive faces that let their unique personalities shine even brighter than before!


Get ready to enjoy endless adventure and excitement with your Pals! Learn more about what makes each Glo Pal unique and how they spend their time when they’re not playing with you here!

3. Interactive Packaging that Inspires Imagination

The Pals come to you nestled in new interactive packaging to ignite your child’s imagination. Once you take them out to play, don’t ditch the box. Instead, break out your art supplies to design your very own Glo Pal – from their custom-created look to the one-of-a-kind characteristics that make them unique.

What makes your Pal special? Does your Pal love splishing and splashing in the bath, or do they prefer to jump rope instead? Do they have curly hair or wear a tall stovepipe hat? Maybe your Pal fancies flying a kite or playing a piano. The possibilities are positively endless!

PS – Don't forget to share your kiddo's creation on social media and tag us @glopals. Their one-of-a-kind Pal might get featured on our page!

4. Purposeful Playtime

Playtime is pretty important here at Glo Pals HQ. What’s even better are opportunities for learning through playtime – we call them ‘playtime perks’! Sensory play sparks your little one’s senses to encourage learning through exploration, problem solving, and creativity. Glo Pals are intentionally designed to captivate your child’s senses and support sensory development through engaging and building cognitive skills, fine motor skills, color recognition, and cause & effect.

Ready to play the Glo Pals way?! Visit our blog for free printables, everyday sensory play ideas, and a few of our favorite purposeful playtime activities.


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