Pals Protect the Planet

written by: Brittany Myers

The Glo Pals have been dedicated to protecting our planet since they first brought their GLO to enhance playtime. It has always been important that despite the need to hermetically seal our batteries (to surpass US safety regulations and keep your kiddos safe!), the Pals weren’t just adding more plastic waste to the world. Playtime shouldn’t be harmful to our extraordinary Earth!

For the past few years, we’ve been thrilled to have Pals like you partnering with us to recycle as many Light-Up Cubes as possible – but this was only the first step, the Glo Pals were just getting started!

In 2022 Glo Pals released Guppy and Galaxy Grips, our first fully sustainable product line! Grips are textured, non-slip bathtub stickies sustainably made from 100% recycled materials. Grips come housed in playable packaging that is 100% recyclable once your kiddos complete all the fun activities inside! But the Pals still weren’t satisfied enough to stop their conservation efforts there. So they continued to work on even more ways to ensure playtime didn’t negatively impact the environment. Keep reading to find out just how they did it!

The team at Glo Pals HQ has been busy tinkering away in the lab with Pippa to help her discover new ways to make Glo Pals even more sustainable – and we’re excited to announce the latest ways our refreshed Glo Pals help make everyday sensory play extra eco-friendly!

Did you know that our new and improved, patented Light-Up Cubes is made from 100% recycled plastic, and our new Character packaging contains 75% less plastic than before. And you can still recycle or reuse your Light-Up Cubes once they max out their lighted hours. (PS – if you didn’t already know, we’ll give you 15% off your next order when you send us a pic of your Pals being recycled! Learn how by clicking the button below.)

Together we can make a difference and help the Pals in their efforts to protect the planet. We are better, together, Pals!


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