FAQ for all the NEW!

What is the Sensory Play Jar?

The Sensory Play Jar is easy to use, but will soon become your little one's favorite companion. Simply add water to bring the Play Jar to life and then tap to change colors ā€“ perfect for sensory play on-the-go!

How do I open the Sensory Play Jar?

To remove the child-proof lid, squeeze both side handles inwards while simultaneously twisting the lid to remove. Be sure to secure the lid tightly before playtime.

How do I clean my Sensory Play Jar?

To clean your Jar, simply remove all contents and liquid before handwashing with soap and water. Please keep the battery compartment sealed + dry and do not submerge your Jar in water.

How long can I leave water/accessories in my Sensory Play Jar?

We recommend removing ALL contents from your Play Jar after play time is over. Liquid should not remain in the Jar for more than 24 hours without being emptied.

What are the Pick-Up Pals?

These little tactile tools were designed for hands-on playtime! Pick-Up Pals pair perfecly with your favorite sensory bin to practice fine motor skills, promote hand-eye coordination, and more.

What is included in this sensory tool set?

The Pick-Up Pals Set includes 3 sensory tools:
1. Puffer Pal ā€“ an expandable strainer that is perfect for sorting activities, counting exercises and can easily scoop and store your favorite sensory accessories, making clean-up a breeze!

2. Tiny Tongs ā€“ this little "clamp" shell was designed for playtime with a purpose. Use this tool to practice hand-eye coordination or to sharpen the fine motor skills little ones need for writing development.

3. Scooper Squid ā€“ this tool is the MVP of hands-on play! This multi-purpose tool is great for preparing little ones for classroom exercises (such as scissor handles), but can also be separated to be used as individual scoopers.

Are the Sensory Tools only made for water play?

The Pick Up Pals can be used with many different materials. Use them in your favorite water or dry based sensory bin, bring them to the beach, the pool or even use them at bathtime. The possibilities are endless!

Can the tools work for both left handed and right handed little ones?

Absolutely! Our Sensory Tools were uniquely designed so thatboth left and right handed kiddos can both play and have fun!

What is included in each Fun Filler Pack?

Each Fun Filler pack comes with various on-theme trinkets and treasures that are perfect for any sensory play activity. Pair them with out Sensory Play Jar for even more fun and imagination!

Can the Fun Fillers be used in water?

Yes! They can definitely be used in any water-based sensory activity, making it even more fun. You can also try adding it to any DIY slime, dry sensory bin or craft activity.


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