4 Ways To Still Make Your 4th Of July Glo!

There is no doubt that 4th of July celebrations will look a little different this year, but we are determined to still have a blast. We are sharing four fun activities to enjoy using our Glo Pal cubes and characters. They will be sure to brighten up your festivities!

Glo Starry Soup

Looking for a fun but not too messy sensory play activity to fill your afternoon with some creativity? This starry sensory soup is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers!

What you need:

  • a tray to contain the mess

  • bowl and small pots

  • spoon and pipette

  • water

  • glitter and star sequins

  • Blair and Sammy cubes

Little ones will love adding the glitter and sequins to the water, stirring and mixing as they go. Providing a pipette is a great way to encourage extra fine motor skill development too. The real magic happens when the Pals are added to the water mixture. We guarantee there will be squeals of delight!


Glo Party Bowl

Sharing party supplies is a little harder these days so why not prep a safe โ€˜party bowlโ€™ which is full of sealed glow items.

What you need:

  • a big party bowl (ours is from Michaels)

  • a fun selection of glow items in sealed packets (we got flags, glasses, a headband, rings and bracelets, as well as some starry necklaces, all from Michaels)

  • we also included our Blair and Sammy Characters

This is such a great way to add some excitement to your celebrations once darkness falls! Everyone can accessorize and you can just use a bowl of water to make Blair and Sammy light up. Such a simple but effective way to bring smiles.

Red, White & Blue Bubble Bath

Making your own bubbles is such an easy way to enjoy some sensory play. Why not treat our patriotic characters to some well earned R&R.

What you need:

Simply get your kiddo to add a few squirts of dish soap to the water and then let them loose with the whisks. As they whisk away, more and more bubbles will form. Encourage them to keep going until they have a lovely bubble bath ready for Blair and Sammy to relax in. This is great for sensory play and it will also look great if you do it after the sun goes downโ€ฆ a Glo bubble bath!

Glo Drinks Station

If your 4th of July celebrations are normally centered around food & drink then this is the one for you! Turn a regular water table into a fun icy cold glowing water station!

What you need:

  • water

  • tumblers (ours are from Michaels)

  • ice (we also used a cute star shaped ice cube mold from Michaels)

  • Blair and Sammy light up cubes

Did you know that Glo Pals cubes are safe to use in drinks (straws are recommended with kids of course). We made this cute little kidsโ€™ drinks area just with water, star ice cubes and some of the Pals. Kids can enjoy filling their cups with water and ice, and then making them Glo!

Weโ€™d love to see how the Pals are helping you to celebrate the 4th of July. Remember to tag us on social media please!


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