What are the Glo Pals?

Glo Pals are liquid-activated light-up sensory toys. These toys each come with their own personality and color. There are four of each character in a pack. Pippa glows green, Alex glows yellow, Lumi glows purple, Sammy glows red, and Blair glows blue.


Are the Glo Pals safe for my child?

Yes! The technology behind the Glo Pals has been extensively tested and sold all over the world. These products have been independently tested by laboratories in the United States to meet all applicable standards for children ages 3 and up. Because of the size of the Glo Pals, the product is intended for children 3 and up.


How do they come packaged?

There are four light-up bath toys (pals) in each pack. The color of the pack denotes what color the pal will light-up when placed in the tub. For example, the purple pack will come with four pals inside that light-up purple. Check out glopals.com/shop to see more images.


How long do they last?

Each individual Glo Pal lasts a minimum of sixteen lighted hours. What this means is that the product automatically turns on when placed in the bath, and automatically turns off when the bath is drained. Only the time that the product is lighted will count against the battery life. On average, a Glo Pal should last for a minimum of 30 days. We do encourage you to read the โ€œstorageโ€ question below to further increase longevity.


Are the batteries replaceable?

They are not. To meet applicable USA safety standards, the batteries are sealed to minimize the risk of a choking hazard. To us, safety is by far the most important - and we want to make sure your child is safe with our product. Even though the batteries are not replaceable, the pals are recyclable. A Glo Pal lasts for 4-6 weeks on average. We have also made sure to price them accordingly. Each pal is $2.50 ($10.00 for a pack of four) - Not bad for the coolest toy on the block!


How do we store the Glo Pals when not in use?

It is very important that the Glo Pals are removed from liquid and dried when not in use. Typically, removing the pals from liquid, giving them a quick shake, and setting them out to dry will help increase the lifespan of the pals.

How big are the Grips?

Our new Glo Pals Grips come in various sizes between 6.5โ€ to 8.5โ€ at their widest point. We designed our Grips larger than most traditional bathtub stickies to provide more non-slip coverage for your kiddos.


Can you fit two packs in one bathtub?

One Grips pack should sufficiently fit inside your tub, but if you would like extra coverage (or if you have a big tub), two packs can be placed together. In most cases, the coverage from two Grips packs will cause the stickies to be closer together, so to ensure they adhere properly, it is important that the Grips donโ€™t overlap.


Are you able to reuse your Grips?

Our Grips use a string adhesive to stay stuck to your tub. They can be peeled up and any remaining residue can be removed with any household cleaner, but the stickies are meant to stay put once theyโ€™re placed, so can only be applied to the tub once.


How should I apply them?

To ensure proper application, thoroughly clean your bathtub surface of any dirt, dust, oil or other residue. Next, carefully remove the adhesive backing from the sticky, then place the Grip where you want it and press firmly, smoothing out from the middle to the edges. Be sure to apply extra pressure along the edges of the stickies to help prevent water from getting underneath the adhesive.


Will Grips work with a bathtub that has a textured surface?

Yes! Grips will stick to a bathtub with built-in texture; however, it's very important that the tub has been thoroughly cleaned and is fully dry before placing your Grips down to ensure they properly adhere.


How would you describe the non-slip texture?

Grips have a gritty texture that feels like coarse sand that allows for better grip while still being gentle on skin.


What are Grips made of?

Our Grips are made from 100% recycled plastics! Each and every element of our new Grips line โ€“ from the stickies to their packaging โ€“ was sustainably designed to keep new waste out of the environment. So donโ€™t forget to recycle the packaging once youโ€™re done playing with it!


Are these intended to replace a non-slip bath mat or are they intended to be a fun accessory?

Grips are not only a playful bathroom accent, they can be used to replace a non-slip bath mat! Designed with your little ones in mind, Grips are built to be fun and functional, meaning more bathtime fun with fewer slips and slides โ€“ giving you the best of both worlds!


Can Grips be removed and will they leave a residue behind?

Grips use a string adhesive to stay stuck to your tub. When youโ€™re ready to remove them, they can be peeled up at any time. Any remaining residue from the adhesive can be removed with any household cleaner.

If you still have questions or if you need assistance, please visit support.glopals.com.