2023 Excellent Educators Contest

It's time to recognize our Excellent Educators!

Do you know a terrific teacher? Glo Pals is giving back to 5 educators who embody characteristics and values of our five original Glo Pals Characters. Nominate someone that reminds you of Alex, Blair, Lumi, Pippa or Sammy and they just might become one of our 2023 Excellent Educators! You can only nominate one teacher to represent one Glo Pal. A 'teacher' can be anyone educating in a public or private school classroom, an activities instructor such as dance or sports, a homeschool instructor, or an educator at a practice such as a physical therapist, occupational therapist, etc. Below you will find the link to the form. We can't wait to see all of the amazing submissions we get. Hooray!


  • 4 Fun Indoor Activities

    4 Fun Indoor Activities

  • Easy Activities On-The-Go

    Easy Activities On-The-Go

  • Learning through Sensory Exploration

    Learning through Sensory Exploration