Back To School Printables

Back To School Printables

written by: Brittney Dowell

Put some ✨magic✨ into your kiddo's back-to-school routine with this printable pack! Whether you are a teacher looking for great resources for your classroom, or a parent rummaging through Pinterest for after school entertainment while you get dinner on the table - this pack is bursting with educational activities, helpful prompts, and FUN - sure to bring a smile to your little learner.πŸ€“πŸ–

Routine Cards

Print, cut, and hang these visual reminders for your kiddos as they get ready for an exciting adventure in learning each day!

Tracing Sheet

Help your little learner warm up their writing skills with this school themed tracing and coloring sheet!

Lunchbox Notes

Feed their tummies + their hearts! Print, cut, and pack an encouraging note card with your kid's lunch to encourage, inspire, and let them know you're thinking about them!

Dear Teacher...

A fun + exciting letter writing prompt for a handwritten note that your kiddo’s teacher is going to love and cherish forever!

All About Me

A sweet keepsake for the scrapbook or for mom to hang on the fridge! Fill out an All About Me sheet each year to track your kiddos answer changes!

Letter Flash Cards

Extend learning to anywhere - playtime, downtime, car trip with these versatile and very portable letter flashcards containing the entire Alphabet!

Number Flash Cards

1, 2, 3 - endless possibilities! Use our number flashcards to strengthen your little ones numerical skills.


Color Flash Cards

Add some color to your learning with our color flashcards - perfect for little hands and big fun!